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Consultancy, training, services and personalized IT solutions make up our main offer for SMEs, freelancers and private individuals, but there is much more!
Our philosophy is to enhance man by putting him in a position to understand and master technology to be an active part of his own change.

The offer

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Software development

Every line of code is designed for you. We develop fully custom web, mobile, desktop and server software to make your business unique and turn your ideas into reality.

IT consultancy

Your guide in the IT world: consultancy on development, network infrastructure design and management of corporate servers. Let us grow your business with innovative solutions.


Keep your environments and software updated, secure and functional with our maintenance service, to keep your business always on track without interruptions.

Assistance and Ticketing

Protect your business with our IT support. We offer ongoing support and server monitoring to ensure your business is always safe and efficient.

IT training

Explore the world of IT with tailor-made courses. Choose from a variety of themes, from Linux to cloud infrastructure, and build your ideal corporate learning path.


Bring your ideas to life with our IT design help. We formulate tailor-made solutions aligned with your vision, ensuring that each project not only meets your current needs but is future-ready.

The new services

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Adattamento digitale

Sia che tu sia un privato, un libero professionista, una piccola o media impresa, sarai stato sicuramente interessato dal cambiamento digitale che sta radicalmente impattando nella quotidianità come in tutti i settori lavorativi, quindi ti sarai sicuramente adoperato per rimanere al passo con i tempi, competitivo, e per trarre qualche vantaggio dalla tecnologia, ma.. ti sei assicurato di aver fatto le cose al meglio?

Individuare soluzioni informatiche e tecnologiche non è cosa semplice, tanto più quando​ queste soluzioni devono essere adattate al meglio per lo specifico caso d’uso, troppo spesso infatti per motivi economici, per mancanza di conoscenze tecniche o più semplicemente per mancanza di progettazione e visione di insieme, si finisce per ritrovarsi con soluzioni non completamente o correttamente implementate, con processi produttivi stravolti, con un’infrastruttura IT caotica e poco manutenuta.

Tutto questo avviene perché come per altri settori l’informatica richiede le giuste capacità e la giusta organizzazione e conoscenza di base, per questo, non perdere tempo e denaro, affidati a noi per avviare con con consapevolezza e controllo il tuo cambiamento digitale!

🌟 Scope of activity


Our company specializes in providing highly customized IT consulting services, designed to guide our clients through the maze of modern technologies. Through a holistic approach, we aim to identify the best technological solutions that align with specific business needs, optimizing processes and promoting sustainable growth.

Software development

With a team of experienced and passionate developers, we are dedicated to developing tailor-made software solutions that embody our clients' visions and effectively address their operational needs. Using cutting-edge development methodologies, we strive to build software applications that are not only innovative but also reliable, secure and scalable.

Maintenance of IT infrastructures

We understand the critical importance of reliable IT infrastructure to business success. For this, we offer proactive maintenance and IT infrastructure management services, ensuring that business operations remain smooth and uninterrupted. Our goal is to ensure that our customers' infrastructures are always performing, secure and aligned with evolving business needs.

Software support

Our offering includes a comprehensive software support service, designed to ensure that any technical issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. From on-demand technical support to scheduled maintenance, our team is ready to assist customers every step of the way, ensuring their software remains functional, up-to-date and optimized for performance.

🛠️ Technologies used


We leverage the power and flexibility of Python to develop advanced software solutions, leveraging its vast library of modules and frameworks to create robust and versatile applications that can serve a wide range of business purposes, from scripting to complex data management. 


Specializing in modern web application development, we use Javascript to create rich and responsive user interfaces. Our expertise extends across the Javascript ecosystem, including frameworks like React and Angular, to deliver engaging and performant user experiences.


The PHP language allows us to tackle web projects with flexibility, enriching our set of skills for dynamic, personalized and adaptable web solutions.


Rust is our choice for projects that require maximum security and speed. It is a young, cutting-edge language, famous for preventing common errors and ensuring high performance. Perfect for those looking for the ultimate in reliability.

Database SQL

For the management of structured data, we rely on SQL database systems, which offer robustness, reliability and high performance. Our experience with various SQL database management systems allows us to design, implement and maintain optimized databases for your applications, ensuring data integrity and security.

Database NoSQL

In the context of unstructured data or applications that require horizontal scalability, we use NoSQL database solutions that offer flexibility, speed and the ability to handle large volumes of data, facilitating the development of modern applications that must process enormous amounts of information in time quick.

📜 Certifications

LPIC 101

The LPIC 101 certification is a testament to our in-depth knowledge and expertise in configuring, managing and maintaining Linux-based systems. This recognition assures our customers that the solutions proposed and implemented meet the high standards of quality and reliability required in professional Linux environments.

Open to collaborations!

Are you looking for a technological partner capable of transforming IT challenges into concrete opportunities? That's what we're here for. We evaluate each project as a unique opportunity to innovate and grow together. We are open to collaborating with professionals and companies who share our passion for technology and excellence. If you have an idea or project that could benefit from our expertise, we invite you to contact us. By working together, we can exceed expectations and reach new heights. We look forward to exploring the potential of technology together.

Write to us to start a stimulating and productive collaboration.

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